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Purple Forbidden Mask
Hi guys here is another Fan Senshi of mine his name is Purple Forbidden Mask. Purple Forbidden Mask is one of my Sailor Sun's Outer team aka her Enclosure Senshi. In Sailor Moon's team he is Sailor Neptune's counterpart and of Tuxedo Mask's team he is Hematite's counterpart. His element is Darkness and in his past life he was known as Prince Ama no Hafuri and the lover of Prince Shinu no Hafuri aka Supreme Palace Mask. During Susanoo's attack on the Bronze Empire his love Shinu no Hafuri was killed and in his despair Ama no Hafuri killed himself to be with him. Eventually after Empress Amaterasu sealed away Susanoo and sent her people to be reincarnated in the future he was reincarnated as Noeul Bora a young Korean man born in Russia. Life was not easy for him as a young gay man in Russia but he proved to be a very adept warrior so he joined the Russian military. Over all he is kind, very introspective, with a courageous spirit and prone to hero worship. Later he came in contact with Anatolli Ipatiev the two hit it off very quickly and Noeul idolized Anatolli. Unknown to him Anatolli was the reincarnation of his lover from the Bronze Empire Shinu no Hafuri. The two eventually fall in love and try to keep their love a secret from their fellow soldiers. However Noeul catches the eye of their commanding officer a fat, loathsome and closeted man who attempts to hit in Noeul. Noeul rejects his advances which leads to the commanding officer telling everyone that Noeul is gay. Eventually Noeul's fellow soldiers turn on him and try to beat and torture him to death however Anatolli heroically comes in and begins to fight off and kill Noeul's attackers however eventually from the sky a pink bunny came down from the sky saying that he was Tuer Shen and Anatolli's guardian bunny. He gives the two the ability to transform into their Senshi forms and the two destroy their attackers. However due to this they are wanted by the Russian government for treason. So they eventually leave and flee to Japan. They eventually meet up with Yoshiko Hoseki who has heard of their story due to her spies and offers them positions in the Japanese military and asylum if they join her. They agree and the three eventually become fast friends and later it is revealed that Yoshiko is the reincarnation of Sailor Heavenly Market.

Noeul and Anatolli were based off the lead couple from the Yaoi Hentai OVA series Legend of the Blue wolves. Noeul being based on Jonathan Tiberius. 

Made on dolldivine
Sailor Amphibia
Here is another fan Senshi of mine. This is Sailor Amphibia she is the Senshi of the same planet as Sailor Titanium Kerokko. My fanfiction is based on the 90s anime and in the 90s anime the Animamates were real Senshi so here is what I did with them and the Senshi of their homeplanets. In my fanfiction the Animamates were the Guardian Senshi of the Senshi of their planets and the Senshi of these planet's Moons. So in Sailor Amphibia's case her Guardian Senshi was Sailor Kerokko. However when Sailor Galaxia attacked these planets the Senshi resisted. So as a way to control them because in the 90s anime Sailor Galaxia does not have absolute control over her subordinates. She combined the Senshi of the Animal planets with their Animamate guardians to create a more docile Senshi. The Animamate was the base personality and when Sailor Galaxia did this she gave the dominant personality a metal name such as in this case Sailor Titanium Kerokko. Sailor Amphibia was actually inspired by Mrs. Toad from the Thumbelina animated film. Both are voiced by Charo and Sailor Amphibia is very flirty, sassy, outgoing who loves to party and dance. Sailor Kerokko was actually her lover.
Supreme Palace Mask and Tuer Shen
Hi guys this is another member of my Sailor Sun's team this is a Member of her Outer Team aka the Enclosure Senshi. Supreme Palace Mask is basically the counterpart of Sailor Uranus in Sailor Moon's team and Malachite of Tuxedo Mask's Naohiou or his Outer Shitennou. His element is light, in the Bronze Empire he was known as Prince Shinu no Hafuri he was the lover of Prince Ama no Hafuri aka Purple Forbidden Mask. During Susanoo's attack on the Bronze Dynasty he was killed in battle and shortly there after Ama no Hafuri killed himself to be with his lover. When Empress Amaterasu sealed away Susanoo and sent her Senshi to be reincarnated in the future thus sacrificing her life Shinu no Hafuri was born in Russia as Anatolli Ipatiev. Over all Anatolli has a very strong, chivalrous, heroic and self sacrificing personality and has an issue with boundaries. Over all life in Russia was not easy for Anatolli being a gay man he had to hide his sexuality in the very homophobic Russia. He eventually went to join the army being an able fighter. He eventually meets Noeul Bora a young Korean soldier who was born in Russia who little known to him was the reincarnation of his former love Ama no Hafuri. They two hit it off eventually they fall in love but they must keep their relationship secret. Latter Noeul is hit on by their fat and loathsome commanding officer but rejects him who in turn tells the men under him that Noel is gay. The men gang up on Noeul and begin to torture him. However Anatolli appears gallantly and saves his love in the middle of the fight a pink rabbit appears calling himself Tuer Shen and gives the two the power to transform into Senshi. They kill all of their fellow soldiers who attacked Noeul however because of this they became wanted criminals in Russia. Due to this they flee to Japan where they meet Yoshiko Hoseki a high ranking member of the Japanese army met them. Her spies knew of their history and she offered them protection in Japan if they serve the nation's interests as soldiers, fighters and spies. The two of them become fast friends with Yoshiko who unknowingly is one of their teammates Sailor Heavenly Market.

Anatolli's guardian Rabbit is Tuer Shen he is the Rabbit God of homosexuality and a patron of gay lovers and is from the planet Ostara the bunny planet. Unlike Chup and Apollo the other Sun Guardian animals he was killed in the attack on the Bronze Empire and was reincarnated in ancient China as Hu Tianbao which upon his death the Gods raised him back up to his Ostaran Rabbit form and put him on the mission of awakening the Senshi and protecting LGBT people.

Also Anatolli and Noeul were based on many different ideas but I based them partly on the characters of Leonard Schteinberg and Jonathan Tiberius of Legend of the Blue Wolves. The movie had a decent premise and I liked the Sci Fi angle and the muscular bara bodies of the men but I hated the tragic gay person angle in the end.

Made on Dolldivine
Sailor Grimm
Hi this is actually a canon character from the Sera Myu as a Sailor Senshi in the Sera Myu Mugen Gakuen Mistress Labyrinth they added the Hoshino family who were refugees from the planet Grimm. This is Moss who is the last Princess from the planet Grimm. In my fanfiction which is based on the 90s anime she and her family appears in my adaptation of Sailor Moon Another Story and the Rose Crystal is her Sailor Crystal she appears as a child in that fic and becomes good friends with Chibiusa and Hotaru. She is also the love interest of Anshar and becomes Sailor Grimm and fights on the side of the Sailor Senshi. This is a picture of her as an adult but her child Senshi form looks the same just chibi. Her civilian name is Seika Hoshino. Also I should add that Grimm is a planet located in the same Star System as Kinmoku and the planets of this Solar System all have flower themes. Like in the Sera Myu she disguises herself as Seika Hoshino and it is eventually revealed that Gallica aka Barako Hoshino adopted her and raised her with his children in order to protect her.
Lilith of Darkness
Hi guys this is my design of a canon Sailor Moon character from the Sera Myu of Sailor Moon specifically from the Dracul arc. Lilith is the first Vampire and creation of the Goddess Astarte known by several names as Inanna, Ishtar (not to be confused with the Oppositio Senshi member), Ashtart and Al Uzzah. Astarte is the younger Queen of the Sumerian/Babylonian/Canaanite/Hebrew/Arabic Gods who I had to be a part of a united Middle Eastern pantheon. I will talk about Astarte on a later post of her however she has a huge rivalry with her brother Yahweh and is who Sheba Shingetsu Astarte aka Sailor Astarte is the reincarnation of. Anyways Lilith was created by Astarte to be her right hand. Who would serve the Gods and weed out undesirables in humans but will also be a part of Astarte's plan of liberation of the human species. Her Vampires are there to test men those who past will be rewarded those that fail cursed and punished. She has been called many names the Whore of Babylon, the Scarlet Woman, the Woman in Red, Vampire Messiah etc.

Credit to the pic goes to gvardianangel who was kind enough to draw the pic.
Just because the punk ass bitch JMSNOOKS blocked me I am going to post here my message to him
This is because many men like you can't handle a strong woman and therefore go for third world women who you think are going to be submissive for you. However most men in this country go for strong unsubmissive and sexually free women. Further more women in Russia are by the majority feminist minded as are women in most Eurpean countries. Personally I am glad men like you are seeking foreign wives because we liberated women do not have to put up with punks like you. Plus I bet once said woman comes over here and gets her green card she will dump your dumb ass for a man who respects her. I would sooner date a dog before I would date trash like you. My mother put up with my dad who was very much a male chauvanist like you and then left him for a Native American man who respects her and is feminist minded. Next actually most men in the US respect strong and sexually free women. It is only Christian and Muslim trash like you who think that in order for a woman to be respected she must be sexually untouched and sexless. I am being independent I have relations with any guy I wish and I am a female gigolo. It just shows your sexism yet again that you think that a woman's worth is her chastity and if she gives it up then she is just being used by men. I make the rules in the relationship and I am the dominatrix in the relationship. I am a female casanova who is free and liberated with her sexuality and expresses it whenever I see fit. Being the pussy of a man that you are you can't handle a strong woman and therefore look for a third world women who most likely wants to get with you just so she can get a green card and come to the US where she will 1 either leach off of you or 2 leave you once she gets liberated and find a man who respects her. Which even you secretly like dominant women which is why you lust after Amazons and yet want to dominate them. To be honest I bet the reason that you have been a virgin this long is because you are a closet case. You conservative nuts have been known to be religious nuts on one side and then closet queens on the next. So I bet the reason that you are a virgen. Besides the fact that no first world woman would want your dumb ass is because you secretly want to take it up the ass. If you want me and Kulindahr have connections on justusboys and could easily find you some big strong man who will give your behind a work out.


United States


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Hi thanks for the reply. No I am not Wiccan I mainly hold Collyridian, Arab Pagan, Canaanite Pagan and Hellenic Pagan views but spiritually I am very eclectic I do worship the Queen of Heaven or the Supreme Mother Goddess whom I believe takes a variety of different forms and names across the world.

No Wicca and Paganism are not synonymous. Wicca is a religious sect of Paganism however it has a lot of anti traditional ideas I don't much buy into. Also yes Hinduism is a Pagan religion now Pagan has a lot of meanings. When I use the term I use it to refer to non Abrahamic and Zoroastrian religions mostly for sake of religious unity as well as a way to stand together against the Abrahamics who have been our historical enemies. However among differing Pagan religions there are certain religious groups. Like for instance Hinduism is one of the Dharmic religions that includes Buddhism, Sikhism, Tantra, Jainism etc.
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